Become a Streamer With a Twitch Viewer Bot


Technology has advanced considerably in the past ten to fifteen years. Alongside that growth is also video gaming. In this decade computers have grown in power and so have consoles. During this time period TVs were in full color and hobbies started to change as people became more anti-social and passions changed due to technology and gaming. Today people can stream their live gameplay online and people flock by the thousands to actively watch them online like television. The people playing these games are able to play their favorite games and pursue their passions and make a living by gaming. The website commonly used today is known as Twitch. Gamers stream their screen and their webcam. This way you can get genuine interaction with people and connect with them on another level. Some streamers have even used services like a Twitch view bot in order to send themselves artificial viewers and followers to expand their channel.

Some consider this method of growing a channel to be immoral as it doesn’t represent your true popularity. The goal of using a Twitch bot is to drive real viewers to your stream in hopes that they follow your stream and interact with you. Eventually you may not even need a viewer service anymore after you gain enough real followers. That way when you start streaming your followers will be notified and will begin watching your stream. Eventually it will grow to where Twitch will allow you to have a sub button and people are able support you. Some streamers have even been known to accept in game items or Paypal donations to support you. In the past this type of thing wasn’t viable in terms of gaining money. As technology has grown and older generations have moved on, the acceptance of gaming has grown. Large companies and sponsors endorse these players and support them.

Stress Testing with Booter Tools

Stress testing is crucial when it comes to testing your servers. It is simple enough to access a booter service and some are even free to try. I strongly suggest looking at a top 10 website to determine which booter service to try. Typically you want something that has power that is guaranteed and is capable of sending out both UDP and network based attacks on a webserver. With these services you will be able to test whether or not your server is capable of withstanding attacks you may encounter.


Likely if you are a larger website or if you are in a niche involving multiple competitors then these people will do anything to get rid of the competition. If your website is offline and theirs is also ranked then visitors will go to their site instead. The visitor doesn’t care where they get their products and services from as long as they can get them. Your competition is able to fund these simple attacks with services that only cost five dollars.

In order to stop these attacks you will need to purchase some sort of mitigation service or backend system that can detect these types of attacks. Typically server sided attacks on your website will originate from spoofed web servers. A few notable services are Cloudflare and Prolexic. Both have solid mitigation systems and will be able to defend against typical attacks from these booter services. Most of these services are oversold and the attacks they are able to output are lowered significantly due to the amount of attacks being sent at once.

It is suggested that if you are looking to defend against simple booter attacks that you invest in Cloudflare’s basic system. That is typically more than enough to defend against attacks. If you are being attacked by a large net then chances are that cloudflare may not be able to defend against it.

Characteristics of the Best Device to Track Lost Things

Applications for lost things

It is a very difficult feeling to lose valuable objects that you have. You feel uneasy because your mind keep on searching for that misplaced item. You are searching for it in your mind and it troubles you a lot not to find it. Not finding items that you lost or you misplaced is a thing in the past, today you can already prevent that from happening. Even if you lost it, you won’t worry that it will totally be lost because you can easily track its location. There are applications that are especially dedicated to help an individual keep track of any unintentionally misplaced items. There are many of them that you can have. That is why, you have to make sure that you are getting the best from them. Familiarize certain characteristics that make an application the best for a tracking device.
Today is already a world filled with new technology. Do not deprive yourself of what this world can offer. Take advantage of the benefits that it can give.

Accuracy to detect location

Normally when you lose an object, you are completely unaware about its location. You have no hint of where it can be. You made an assumption but you know that it is not there. You formed pictures of it in your head but when you look for it, it isn’t there. It is totally frustrating to keep on looking for it but in the end, you ended up not getting anything. Thankfully, there are downloadable applications that you can easily incorporate in your phone. It will help you to keep yourself updated on where the location of your things is. It won’t leave you completely puzzled where you left your things.
A single tap will direct you to where it is. It is as easy as counting 1, 2 and 3. Just keep the tracking device in tact to the items that you don’t want to lose and not finding it in any way. The location will easily be determined as long as the GPS-enabled tracking device is attached to the object.

What device is used to connect?

Mobile phones are not only used for the purpose of communication but also for other more important things. With the use of your phone, you will feel at ease that even if you happen to accidentally lose your things, possibility of finding it again is high.

How far is the range that it can reach?

If you are wondering if there is a specific range that it can reach, there is none. As long as the tracking device is still with the object, it can be detected no matter what the distance is. That is why, you need to check that it is securely attached to the object.

Effective devices don’t come at expensive prices

You will only invest a little amount for it to have it downloaded and to have the device. The price that you will pay is little compared to the benefit that you will get.

Vine – 6 Second Video App

The internet is growing every day. New social media platforms are being introduced every year. One of the best to be introduced in 2014 was Vine. The application was created by Twitter. Twitter is known as a micro-blogging platform and Vine is no different. Vine allows users to record short six second videos and share them with the internet. These videos are a great way to have fun with social media. We have also seen Vine superstars emerge as a result of this app. These people have millions of followers and receive thousands of likes on their videos daily. The more likes, loops, and revines your video has, the more potential it has for being featured by Vine. If you haven’t tried Vine out, it is free to download via the iPhone app store and the Google Play Store.


One of the best methods to gain real followers and enhance your chances of being featured is to buy vine likes for your video. Having a lot of likes is something that the Vine authors look at when featuring a video. That alongside whether or not it is worthy of being featured. I personally tried this and had a video with 10,000 likes on it. The video didn’t exactly go viral but it definitely saw some improvement in terms of viewership.

Facebook’s Instagram tried to replicate what Vine did but failed. Vine is an app of their own and without having me or someone else tell you that Twitter made it, you wouldn’t know. They want the brands to be separate but they also incorpated the idea of mini blogging. On YouTube some of the most popular users are known as vloggers or video bloggers. You can do the same thing through Vine only the segments are smaller and get to the point faster. Twitter does the same thing as a blog only users have 140 characters to do so.

The League of Legends

League of Legends has emerged as one of the best games ever created. Their user base alone has brought serious numbers to online streaming. Even streaming giants like Hulu and Netflix can’t compete with the shear amount of concurrent viewers. Gamers enjoy league for the strategic gameplay and the fact that it is competitive oriented. No settings need to be altered and the game is played as is. Too many big name companies like Infinity Ward, Activision, Bungie, 343, etc, have been approaching eSports incorrectly. Riot’s approach made the game with the community in mind. They wanted their game to be competitive, yet still able to appeal to casual gamers. They were successful in their attempts and League of Legends is now one of the most popular games ever created and Riot has never even charged for game sales. One of the best options is to buy cheap LoL accounts and get the competitive edge.

Riot makes all their money from micro-transactions through in game add-ons. Their in game currency are known as Riot Points or RP. This currency can be used to purchase skins for your characters, new champions, and boosts to gain more Influence Points. None of these add-ons offer an unfair advantage to players. Skins only change the aesthetics of your champions and don’t offer new abilities to the highest paying player. Everyone has access to the same champions, but having access to more than one offers a lot of diversity to the game. Gaining influence points faster is awesome because you can buy more runes and new champions quicker.

With that being said the only game currency that you need to worry about are Influence points. Riot points are completely optional and offer no real advantages to purchasing them. League of Legends is completely free and with their form of currency you don’t need to buy RP ever. With Influence points you can buy new champions and runes. You may be able to get them faster with Riot Points and save yourself some time but that is completely up to you. If you are new to the game I suggest sticking with Influence points until you have a feel for the game.

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